Imagine.. If you connect all the vessels data together..

Think of the amount of data you receive on a daily basis from all your vessels. The emails with countless Word and Excel documents. Each vessel sends at least 564 documents per year. Ever noticed duplication of data, manual errors or broken sums in a template?

With you now have the purpose build platform available to streamline your data.

Micro manage your vessels by automatically receiving data from the IPad application on the vessels. Store vessel data, you would usually see in your static daily reports. create real-time overviews with KPI’s including transfers and landings, fuel consumption, Co2 emissions, engine hours, weather, operational activities and more.

Easily generate daily reports in any format or template and share them with your clients.

Do you already own a legacy solution such as motion monitoring? No problem, we can just integrate this into one.


  • Daily Reports
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Temperature and Pressures
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Jobcards
  • HSE Forms
  • Certificates
  • Notifications
  • Alerts
  • Vessel Dashboards
  • Vessel Profiles
  • Planning & Availability
  • Certificates Management
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Jobcard Managemant
  • Engine / Equipment logs
  • Liftout / Refits
  • Motion Monitoring


Interface designed to create efficiency on-board

As a crew on a vessel you need to submit large amount of reports.. DPR with amount of pax transferred to certain locations, operational events, weather, fuel consumed / bunkered / transferred, engine running hours and more..

Then the client also wants the same type of data in a different formats.. Then you just start typing again and again and again.

Don’t forget, you also need to submit the Technical and HSE forms with a lot of duplication of data.. and ok, you're human so you sometimes make mistakes. Sometimes you don’t even have the latest template.. Don’t worry, after a lot of discussions you will just make and submit a new form... again... again and again..

FACT: Did you know each vessel submits more then 564 documents per year?

That’s why we provide you with an APP. Now you can submit and keep track of all your forms in one place. It even notifies you if you need to check something. Working offshore? No internet connectivity? No problem, the app also works offline. Just sync it when you get a connection in port. Working nightshifts? like it dark in the wheelhouse? We do to! Therefore you can have the screen on various modes.

Hi sailor, Try me and love me!


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