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The technical depart benefits significantly from our perfectly organized data overviews. Allowing to detect abnormal changes in technical values such as temperatures and pressures can result in trends which enables for preventive maintenance, avoiding downtime and significantly reducing related costs.

The inventory of a vessel consists of various valuable items such as engines, gearboxes, alternators, life rafts and any other equipment you can think of. These items periodically get maintained, replaced, recertified, and swapped from one vessel to the other. Creating a history of where equipment has been, issues and performed maintenance, current status and location. Our solutions allow the technical department to have a real-time overview of all equipment including the complete paperless data trail. Know exactly where what and why.

Apart from the countless scheduled maintenance forms functionality we have developed jobcards allowing the crew on-board to submit detailed work orders related to issues for all categorized items on-board including, hull, engines and equipment. The technical department receives notifications of these job cards and allows them to follow up efficiently.

Do you already own a legacy solution such as motion monitoring? No problem, we can just integrate this into one.


  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Temperature and Pressures
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Jobcards
  • Notifications
  • Alerts
  • Technical Dashboards
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Jobcard Management
  • Engine logs
  • Equipment / Inventory logs
  • Liftout / refits
  • Certificates
  • Motion Monitoring


Tick Tack.. Ticking clocks... your maintenance like clockwork


There is a big chance that you already have one or more planned maintenance systems in place due to the fact that you manage multiple type of vessels from different yards which all contain different type of equipment. only too bad that these systems are not truly integrated into your full business process management system.

Probably you are managing your overviews by manually importing data from various systems into one spreadsheet.

With the crewvessel solution you are able to configure virtually any type of data you can think of for any type of maintenance.

Bye bye outdated spreadsheets, hello transparency and efficiency! Now you can really see the expected and unexpected maintenance.


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