Managing your entire fleet with our purpose built web-based solution. Empowering data by allowing your organisation to create your own corporate vessel database, keep track of all your financials, planning’s, operations, maintenance, HSE, certificates, audits, KPI’s, reports, statistical data and many other topics and features.

Ipad Vessel Application

Purpose build IPAD vessel application which is designed by the crews for the industry. Create daily reports, maintenance logs and many other operational forms. No internet connectivity available whilst sailing? Use the application offline, walk around the vessel and synchronize the data when connectivity becomes available in port.


“Efficient Operations for CrewVessels”

Fleet Management

Designed for managing a complete fleet of multiple vessel. Allowing easy access and sharing of data within your organisation. Generate reports and KPI’s regarding any information streams.

  • Client & Project information
  • Contracts
  • Planning
  • Crew
  • Vessels
  • Engines
  • Equipment
  • Maintenance
  • HSE
  • Announcements / Links / Alerts
  • Reporting tools / KPI’s





Mobile access

  • Stay Connected even on the go.
  • Accessible through any mobile device
  • No longer tied to a desktop PC or Laptop
  • Complete portability around the vessel from Engine Room to Bridge
  • Can work in Offline or Online Mode


  • Offline access This feature allows vessels to run CREWVESSEL Application offline with no internet access required.
  • Synchronize the offline version to the Cloud to the Online version
  • Offline version is not a stand alone product and must always be synchronized back to the online version

Cloud Based

Instantly access all your vessels information and documents online

Saas (Sofware as a service)

  • Secure servers
  • No technical expertise required
  • Web based
  • No special Hardware required
  • Automatic Software updates
  • Data backed up daily with redundancy
  • Synchronized to backup servers ensuring 24/7 online access
  • Secure using SSL technology





Advanced IPad form application

  • Daily Reports
  • Vessel Logbook
  • Daily Fuel, Oil & Water Log
  • Oil Disposal record
  • Garbage Record
  • Maintenance log
  • Checklists
  • Weekly Maintenance Schedule
  • Monthly Maintenance Schedule
  • Skipper Handover Form
  • Drill Evaluation Form
  • Engine Readings Form
  • Stores Service Request Form
  • Vessel Certification
  • Safety Equipment overview List
  • Many more


“Say goodbye to administrative backlogs, and hello to transparency!”


The finance module allows you to store important contract details such as connecting a certain vessel to a specific client, project and port. Include various day rates, overtime rates and additional services such as pressure washing equipment, safety standby persons, (de)mobilization fees, lodging, surcharges , inflation and many more items.

Provide yourself with a vessel planning overview with contract statuses and other crucial information. Vessel utilization summary’s including effective and lost utilization, market days related revenue streams and many more.

various overviews such as operational utilization with operational statuses such as sailing, weather, maintenance days.



“Taking control of your resources efficiently”


Micro manage your vessels by automatically storing vessel data, creating real-time overviews with KPI’s including transfers and landings, fuel consumption, Co2 emissions, engine hours and more.

Easily generate daily reports and share them with your clients.

Purpose build vessel detail widgets including:

  • Vessel scheduling
  • Contracts
  • Crew planning
  • Operational statuses
  • Fuel events
  • Transfers and landings
  • Certificates
  • Technical
    • Engine logs
    • Equipment
    • Liftout / refits
    • Jobcards
    • Maintenance forms
  • HSE
    • Procedures
    • Forms
    • Tasks


The crews onboard are one of the most vital elements within your organisation. They need to have training, vessel type approval, certified against their competency. Therefore our solution includes crewing functionality so you can register new crews including next of kin and upload certification. Together with a powerful scheduler you can assign crews to vessels, enabling a complete overview who will be on which vessel and visa versa.

Our solution enables smart functionality such as dynamic timesheets to help you automatically keep track of man-hours based on tracking activity data from the vessels. This allows crews and crewing departments to generate detailed pre-filled timesheets. In addition the site manager or client can also approve these timesheets online without having to sign any piece of paper.

Crewing functionality for professionals:

  • Crew
  • Registrations
  • Next of Kin
  • Certificates
  • Crew planning
  • Availabilities
  • Timesheets


“Control your maintenance and manage your safety”


The technical depart benefits significantly from our perfectly organized data overviews. Allowing to detect abnormal changes in technical values such as temperatures and pressures can result in trends which enables for preventive maintenance, avoiding downtime and significantly reducing related costs.

The inventory of a vessel consists of various valuable items such as engines, gearboxes, alternators, life rafts and any other equipment you can think of. These items periodically get maintained, replaced, recertified, and swapped from one vessel to the other. Creating a history of where equipment has been, issues and performed maintenance, current status and location. Our solutions allows the technical department to have a real-time overview of all equipment including the complete paperless data trail. Know exactly where what and why.

Apart from the countless scheduled maintenance forms functionality we have developed jobcards allowing the crew onboard to submit detailed work orders related to issues for all categorized items onboard including, hull, engines and equipment. The technical department receives notifications of these jobcards and allows them to follow up efficiently.


Health and safety is paramount within your organization. HSE issues usually involve all sensitive elements such as clients, projects, vessels, crews and equipment.

Due to the fact that our system already contains all information regarding these elements, we came up with the functionality to connect any HSE related issue, form or procedure.

Therefore it has become easy for the HSE department to record HSE issues and track statuses of drills, inspections and certificates. Generating automatic notifications and enabling a clear overviews, storing and distributing forms and procedures, ensuring that all users are utilizing the latest versions.

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