Question: Did you know each crewvessel submits at least 564 documents per year?

Vision: all your data, documents, forms and business logics related to your entire organization digitalized in one solution. From vessels to crews, clients with multiple projects, finance department with contracts and revenue streams. Technical department with their complex maintenance. HSE department dealing with all the drills, incidents and continuous improving quality.



Perfectly designed IPad Application.

We know all about your daily reports, transfers, landings, weather, fuel bunkered, consumed, transferred, engine running hours and more..

We did not forget all the other technical and HSE forms that need to be submitted. Majority of forms you are using on board now are in Word and Excel and sent by email.

Ever seen human errors or broken sums? Yes?

Have you ever tried generating reports, KPI's or identifying trends? Yes?

That’s why we developed our CrewVessel APP. Now you can submit and keep track of all your forms in one place. It even notifies you if you need to check something. Working offshore? No internet connectivity? No problem, the app also works offline. Just sync it when you get a connection back in port.


Beautiful dashboards and KPI's

Managing your entire fleet and your organizations business processes are a time consuming and difficult task. Probably it consists of utilizing various standalone solutions and countless spreadsheets.

Therefore we have created a purpose built cloud-based solution fully integrating all your business processes. A solution containing all your business logic and all data in a powerful and secure database where it belongs. Think of all the contractual data regarding your clients and their projects. Keep track of all the data regarding your vessels, crews and other resources. Mastering your operations have never been so easy. Dashboards containing overviews with all your financials, contracts and planning’s. We did not forget about your technical department with all their maintenance tasks or the HSE department with certificates, drills, incidents and audits.

Generate any KPI’s, reports or statistical data in a millisecond and share them automatically with your clients or provide them with their personal custom dashboard.



October 2017 showcases their applications at Offshore Energy 2017 in Amsterdam.


September 2017

Windcat Workboats have awarded with a long-term contract for the supply of a business process and information management solution which is specifically designed to cover all requirements in the crewvessel industry.


July 2015 started the development of the first business process and information management solution which is specifically designed to cover all requirements in the crewvessel industry. Pilot case Windcat Workboats.

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