Have you ever reported a drill or manage an incident? Cool! we did too!

Health and safety is paramount within your organization. HSE issues usually involve all sensitive elements such as clients, projects, vessels, crews and equipment.

Due to the fact that the solution already contains all information regarding these elements, we came up with the functionality to connect any HSE related issue, form or procedure.

Therefore with it becomes easy for the HSE department to record HSE issues and track statuses of drills, inspections and certificates. Generating automatic notifications and enabling a clear overviews, storing and distributing forms and procedures, ensuring that all users are utilizing the latest versions.



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Continuous improvement is essential to maintain the quality of business processes and practices.

At, we understand quality management from planning, control and assurance through to quality improvement. We believe that quality management is much more than product or service quality, but about how to achieve quality, maintain and improve it. Quality management systems are important for all businesses, whatever their size or complexity.

Our solution provide a transparent overview and dashboards for all elements within your organization such as customers, projects, vessels, maintenance, crews, certifications, training, drills and incidents to support your management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and the International Safety Management Code. Lean techniques help you to improve your operations and optimize your business through the entire process.


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