Say goodbye to administrative backlogs, and hello to transparency!

Whilst you are reading this we bet you are thinking about the countless excel documents you are trying to copy paste data in you received from someplace else and it broke the sums again.. bye bye KPI's hello to a lot of time and frustrations to fix it. We at like to make it safe and simple. The finance functionality allows you to store countless important contract related details such as connecting a certain vessel to a specific client, project and port.

Include various day rates, overtime rates and additional services such as transfer systems, pressure washing equipment, safety standby persons, (de)mobilization fees, lodging, surcharges and inflation. Overviews with contract statuses and other crucial information, and there is plenty more.

How easy is it for you to have all information available in one place? Do you need Vessel utilization summary's including effective and lost utilization, market days related revenue streams? We've got them for you!

Are you using enterprise accounting software like SAP, Oracle or something else?

Yes? Good!

What if all your operational data would automatically sync with an API? No more duplication of data, no more human errors? Just let us know what you need and we will fix it!



Do you need Dashboards, Graphs and overviews? Here you go!


Do you know that feeling? Having to solve the 1000pcs planning puzzle (again!) in order to keep your organization running like clockwork?

Provide yourself with a tool for all your vessel, crew and what ever other resource you need to plan. has been developed by a team who have been around the crewvessel industry since day one. They know the business process management around your organization and how crucial they are for your operations. Let us help you optimize it!


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