Crew's are valuable assets, guess what? They are generating a lot of data!

Some call them human resources, some call them assets. We call them CREW's!
They are people that bring your crewvessel to life.

We actually know some of these crews have a life onshore. Maybe even a wife and parents that need to be contacted in case of an emergency. They even hold certificates in line with the work that they do. And guess what they also have other important things to do so they take their time off..

How do we know?
Because we create detailed profiles on everyone within your organization covering personal information, next of kin, certificates, availabilities and when they are scheduled to be on-board.


  • Crew Profiles
  • Next of Kin
  • Certifications
  • Availability
  • Crewing Dashboards
  • Crew Planning
  • Time Sheets
  • Certificates Management


No Crews, No Sailing, No Happy Customer, No recurring revenue!


You remember that time a crew member called in sick and you needed to replace him ASAP? Thinking, who else has experience with that specific vessel or project. Who is available? It left you digging into various excel sheets, calling multiple people.. consuming a lot of time..

Would it be nice to just check the vessels crewing timeline see who has ever sailed this vessel? Alternatively just check the crew availability overview filter the type of crew you need and voilĂ , you have a match.. click on the phone number and your device will automatically start calling this crewmember.

You can assign crews on vessels recurrently, just make a shift rotation pattern. Any changes in availability? No problem, the crew can update their availability in their personal calendar online.


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