"It takes one to know one"

The team behind CrewVessel.com have been involved with the setup of maritime operations in offshore wind since 2005. We have contracted and managed countless of vessels and their operations on various projects.

In addition the team also consists of the original founders of "Offshore Profile". Therefore we know your business.

Kristian D. Kossen


The business operations strategist
in offshore wind since 2005

Roger Heykoop


The architect behind many .COM success stories.

Do you require software to streamline your business processes?
Guess what, you are a business manager in the maritime industry and you need software to optimise your business processes.. what do you do? ask around?

Spend weeks, months or maybe even a year explaining your business processes and writing detailed requirements for software developers? Finally get the product developed, then you need to host the solution somewhere where its secure. After a while you discover you need to change the system logics and start developing again. You find out that your organization needs support and the system requires maintenance.

Bet you did not think it was going to take so much time and effort which you could have used managing your core business.

We always have a solution
Crewvessel.com can always provide a solution tailored to your exact budget and requirements.

We provide full Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) for new solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS) for our existing solutions.

In addition we provide Consultancy for maritime related business process optimization if you require someone that understands your business challenges.

Our competent and highly motivated team of frontend, backend and mobile developers are experts when it comes to developing web-based applications. No development team is complete without testers and technical documentation writers. Once our products have been released then our dedicated pro-active support team will be available to address any questions you may have.


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Our sales, product development and support offices are conveniently located 15 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

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