Connected Vessels – Data Platform

All vessel data, documents, forms and business logics related to your entire organization digitalized in one solution.

Cloud Technology

  • Web-Based
  • Data Analytics
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Vessel Management

  • Contracts
  • Finance & Scheduling
  • Vessel Profiles
  • Technical
  • Maintenance
  • HSE

Crew Management

  • Crew Profiles
  • NOK
  • Certificates
  • Scheduling
  • Availabilties

Mobile Applications

  • Forms & DailyReports
  • Certificates
  • Maintenance
  • QR Codes
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Notifications

Data Exchange

  • ERP API’s
  • Customer API’s
  • Customer access
  • Vessel SCADA / IO’s
  • External data

Before & After

Old EXCEL Forms

Before each vessel emails at least 564 Word & Excel forms per year.

  • Duplication of Data
  • Manual Errors
  • Broken sums in templates

CrewVessel Data Platform

Beautiful dashboards, KPI’s and reports, real-time usable information.

  • Cloud based portal
  • Realtime vessel data gateway
  • Mobile Applications






Transfers Recorded


Reports Generated


Realtime vessel data gateway

Automatically retrieve engine or any other sensor data. Utilizing industrialized maritime gateway to connect to all relevant datapoints via Standard SCADA PLC Protocols, retrieve local IO data, digital or analog inputs.

The basis for creating your basic Digital Twin functionality.

Perfectly designed Mobile Applications.

Let your vessel crews interact and enrich your operational data by forms such as daily reports & HSE observations and receive notifications.

Centralize certificates and technical manuals on one app. Scan QR codes on equipment and utilize Argumented Reality to obtain information and view Maintenance tasks and jobcards.

Offline functionality. Just sync it when you get a connection back in port.


Beautiful dashboards and KPI’s

A purpose built cloud-based solution fully integrating all your business processes. A solution containing all your business logic and all data in a powerful and secure database where it belongs.

Managing your vessel operations have never been so easy. Dashboards containing overviews with all your financials, contracts and planning’s. Technical departments with all their maintenance tasks or the HSE department with certificates, drills, incidents and audits.

Generate any KPI’s, reports or statistical data and share automatically with your clients or provide them with their personal custom dashboard.

augmented reality

Real-Time Sensor Data

  • Temperatures
  • Pressures
  • Flow
  • Alarms

See what is available

  • Manuals – Drawings
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Maintenance History
  • Checklists / Tickets 

Find the details

  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Parts Lists
  • Drawings
Find all engine data, manuals, partslists, drawings, maintenance history, jobcards and tickets
Find all data, manuals, partslists, drawings, maintenance history, jobcards and tickets
Find all electrical package data, manuals, partslists, drawings, maintenance history, jobcards and tickets

Our solution is utilized by vessels working for:


Realtime vessel data gateways, Perfectly designed Mobile Applications.

In the Office


Crew Management

Crew Profiles, Certificates, Planning

Technical Management

Parts, Documents, Manuals & Certificates
Maintenance Jobcards
Augmented Reality


Record HSE issues and track statuses of drills, inspections and certificates. Generating automatic notifications and enabling a clear overviews, storing and distributing forms and procedures, ensuring that all users are utilizing the latest versions.